Down to Work

I realize we haven’t posted to this blog for awhile but hopefully that will change.

OK, the golf course is open, we’re settled in ,and we are pretty comfortable with the area. Tom is working as a starter 2 days a week, giving us lots of time for exploring, relaxing, and playing golf. Mary is playing golf, beading, working on a project at the lapidary shop, and generally learning to like the retired lifestyle.

Llano Grande offers lots of spare time activities so there is never a dull moment. There is a computer club (of course!), a lapidary shop, wood shop, 3 beautiful swimming pools with hot tubs, frequent dances, weekly dinners followed by karaoke, dozens of trips and excursions, a pool hall, card games, shuffleboard, tennis, pickleball, softball, birding and ,of course, the chance to meet lots of new people.

We have met RVers from Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Iowa, Minnesota and Michigan. We’ve met people from Hazel Park, Grand Rapids, and even former residents of Rochester Hills. Small world!

We read that the weather back in Michigan has stayed pretty nice, actually not too different than here. We are in the 50’s at night and 75-80 daytime, and that is about as cool as we expect for the rest of the winter. The main point is: NO SNOW! We have had some really breezy days but the temps are usually pleasant.

Pool league starts tomorrow night. Haven’t played for years but really looking forward to playing.

I promise to keep the posts more up to date. Stay tuned…