Changes in Attitude, Changes in Latitude

4/24 – We have been in Pennsylvania for about 3 weeks now and have made the decision to return to Northern Minnesota for the summer.  We originally had planned on being here until October but, after much thought, we realize we are more comfortable in Minnesota.

That said, Pennsylvania is one of the most beautiful states we have ever been in.  Spring has arrived, the mountains are getting green, and it seems there are pink or white flowering trees everywhere.  This combined with the rolling landscape makes this part of the country pretty easy on the eyes.

This is Amish country and evidence is everywhere, from the headwear worn by Amish women to the horse and buggies on the highways to unusual (for us) restaurant menu items like scrapple and hog stomach.  It’s a beautiful and mostly peaceful area that we would like to return to some day for a longer stay.

We visited the borough of Lititz, Manheim and Lebanon.  From Lancaster we took the train to Philadelphia and toured Constitution Hall where the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were written, signed and enacted.  It’s one thing to read about these great documents but to be in the room where it all happened and realize the risk these men took for the principle of freedom adds a totally different dimension to our knowledge of history. Very moving.

A few days before leaving we visited the town of Hershey, known for, of course, Hershey’s chocolate.  Milton Hershey founded the company in 1894 and personally designed and laid out the town.  It seems to be a good-sized, well-run community, with a highly recognized university and medical center.

To finish our Pennsylvania exploring we went to Harrisburg, the capitol.  The capitol building is one of the prettiest we have encountered.  `We were fortunate that both branches of Congress were in session and we were allowed to sit in on voting for a resolution. Most of the other capitols we have visited were either out of session or in closed session so this was definitely a treat.

So now we are on the road again (cue Willie Nelson music), headed for northern Minnesota again.  We are violating one of our rules by returning to a seasonal RV park for a 2nd season, but it just feels like the right thing to do.  On the way we plan to stop in Columbus, Ohio, to visit their capitol, and later meet friends near Eau Claire, Wisconsin (Mary’s hometown).  We should get to the Detroit Lakes area around the 10th of May, just in time for their season to open at Woodland Trails on the 12th.