Mercedes una mas tiempo

We arrived at Llano Grande RV Resort in Mercedes on October 28th and got settled in.  Our site is on the west end of the resort where it is nice and quiet.  The site is a bit small compared to where we were 3 years ago but we are making do.  I am again working in the I.T. department doing pretty much what I did before – helping residents with their cable TV and Internet problems.  The biggest difference this time is that I have fewer service calls each day.  This is due mainly to a change the park made in it’s I.T. manager.  The new manager, David, has worked in the Cable business for more than 38 years and he has done a super job of upgrading the quality of the entire system.  They offer each resident 115 tv channels, most of which are digital.  Llano Grande has always offered WiFi in a not so common way.  Most RV parks offer park-wide WiFi which usually is mediocre to poor in quality.  Here they give each resident their own cable modem which gives each one their own, private WiFi.  Quality is outstanding also with speeds of 50 to 75Mbps.  And every building has available WiFi, giving everyone Internet access wherever they are in the park.  We spend a great deal of our time replacing cables that were affected by the flood they had in June.  There were some 2 dozen homes destroyed by the water in one end of the park.  Rebuilding is painful but everyone is dealing with it and making good progress.

Mary is busy with making jewelry.  She has branched out to making chain maille pieces in addition to the beautiful bead pieces she has done for some time now.  She really has a great eye for colors and styles.  You can click this link to see some of what she has designed and made.  Maybe I am biased but I think they look beautiful!

We haven’t played any golf down here yet, in part due to the coolish weather we have been experiencing.  We hope to get out there soon though.

In a couple weeks we are planning to go to South Padre Island for some bay and/or gulf fishing.  The funky weather has kept the waters pretty stirred up but they are projecting that after the first of the year things will improve.

I will have another update in about a month.  In the meantime, everyone have a Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for a Happy and Prosperous New Year!