Heading East

We have had a pretty good winter, especially in comparison to the rest of the country.  A few nights in the 30s, some days in the 40s, but all in all it’s been pretty nice here in the Rio Grande Valley.  We aren’t completely sure we want to be “Winter Texans” permanently but there are definite advantages to the idea.  Between the cool weather, strong winds and an issue with Mary’s shoulder we were not able to play any golf.  We did get out to the  bay near Port Isabel for fishing and even though the fish were not biting, the boat trip was enjoyable.

In a little more than 2 weeks we will head out, this time to the outer banks (OBX) of North Carolina.  Mary and I were there a year and a half ago, and we want to return during nicer weather.  We plan to be there from about mid-April until after Labor Day which is the height of the tourist season.  The park we are going to be staying in has hired us to work reservations and at the front desk.  We are so looking forward to being on the water and some great seafood.

When we leave Mercedes our first stop will be Waco and a visit to Magnolia, the creation of Joanna Gaines of the Fixer Upper tv show.  Then off to Dallas to visit relatives for a couple days, continuing east through Atlanta and arriving at OBX around the middle of April.  The winter weather seems to be dragging on so we are hopeful of an uneventful trip.

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