Westward, Ho pt.2

The trip from Atlanta to Cleveland, Tennessee, was short and easy. This was major stop #2 for us to visit our long-time good friends Buck and Leslie.

We have known them ever since we were in the golf business and we always look forward to seeing them. We timed our visit for the weekend so they would both be free to visit.

On Saturday, Mary went with Leslie drove to Knoxville to attend the funeral for her half-brother. This gave them some “girl time” and also was an opportunity to see some old friends.

Buck and I took this time to play some golf at his course, the Cleveland Country Club. I have played here before and always enjoy the course and the great guys Buck finds to fill out our foursome. We didn’t exactly set the course on fire with our play but we did have a super time.

Sunday was a special treat for us when they took us for a boat ride on Lake Chickamauga. They keep it there at a marina so it was a pretty simple process for Captain Buck to get it in the water. We spent more than an hour up and down much of the lake, and it was truly a relaxing afternoon for us.

As much as we would have loved spending more time with our dear friends, we had to leave Cleveland to continue our trek westward. Next stop, Lexington, KY, home of horses, horses, and more horses. Pretty countryside, we used a couple days to regroup and relax. Traveling with the 5th wheel can be a bit of a tension builder, especially after almost 5 years on the road. Occasionally we use a stop for nothing more than a little R&R.

We stayed at a park designed around those folks who come to this area for the horses and while it was okay, it was without any of the normal amenities like tv, wifi, pool, etc. We did however get to tour the Buffalo Trace distillery in Frankfort and got to see how bourbon is distilled. This is a very precise and detailed process that takes quite a bit of time to get a first-rate product.

Our next major stop will be near Chicago to visit family. Mary has 4 wonderful nieces who, through no fault of her own, she had lost contact with many years ago. Gradually reunions have taken place and while in the Chicago area we hope to get together with all of them at once. We are really excited!

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