Water, water everwhere!

You may have heard that South Texas had a little rain last week. Actually we had a lot of rain (double digits) in a very short time. Several local communities like Weslaco, La Feria, and Donna had roads and neighborhoods flooded; some of the Interstate ramps were closed and for a while several RVs were mini islands. Our golf course had a couple of holes underwater for about 2 days but finally started to drain and we were hopeful for a November 1st opening. Then today we had more rain and the opening got pushed back a few days. All this has given us a bit more time to relax, watch the world series and train for our winter “jobs”. Llano Grande (pronounced yah-no gron-day) is a really busy active place with activities almost every day. There are frequent dances, casual dinners, karaoke. Llano Grande is rated among the top 100 RV parks in the U.S and offers its’ residents lots of things to do.