Sum, Sum, Summertime

We have just passed the half-way point of our summer at Woodland Trails in northern Minnesota and we can hardly believe how fast the time is going.  Summer actually had a late start with ice on the lake being fully melted only a week before we got here in May.  That kept swimmers out of the lake for awhile but the hot weather finally settled in, the water temperatures went up and everyone is enjoying their time.  Cold weather kept things pretty quiet on Memorial Day weekend but the July 4th break was very busy.  Falling in the middle of the week gave everyone an extended holiday and the weather cooperated.

We have had several severe storms roll through, which is typical for this area.  Fortunately there has been no significant damage to any of the RVs, just lots of wind, lightning and rain.

There have been a few bear sightings and a couple bird feeders wrecked by them.  This is the 2nd year that we have had a bear in camp and it is thought it might be a young, newly weaned bear, on his (or her) own, looking for food wherever it can.  It was only around for a couple weeks and is pretty much gone now.

Fishing is pretty good as usual.  We still haven’t been able to catch any walleyes but there are plenty of good size sunfish and bass.  We are again trying to stock our freezer so we can enjoy occasional fish frys next winter.

Speaking of next winter, we don’t know yet where we will end up.  Our desire is to go back to the Rio Grande Valley in Texas but we are also looking at other parts of Texas and also Florida.  Last season we spent in Arizona and we have come to the conclusion that we don’t particularly like the desert.  Maybe some day we can go back to northern Arizona but it really isn’t on our radar.

Fortunately, Mary’s diabetes seems to be a thing of the past.  Her numbers have been normal for almost a month, and without taking insulin!   Hooray!!!   As quickly as it hit her, it seems to have left her.  She has been working extremely hard to stay healthy – counting carbs and exercise – so this bout with diabetes turned out to be a health wake-up call for us both.  We have both been blessed with good health and will try to keep it that way.

We still enjoy being on the road, as we approach the end of our 3rd year.  We both marvel at the places and things we have seen, and all the new acquaintances we have met.  We are looking forward to much more.

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