They say the way to make God laugh is to tell him your plans.

Well our plans, like millions of others, have changed dramatically in the last month or so. I originally planned to describe our experiences on the trip west but instead I want to explain where we are and what our plan is for the next 5 weeks.

Our stint in southern California was to be until April 1st but circumstances there changed drastically around the middle of March. A high percentage of residents and golfers at Rio Bend come from Canada. With all the shut-downs, most of them left early for their homes, leaving play at the golf course almost non-existent. Couple that with the park closing play to all but current residents and things were pretty quiet. We felt that sticking around for an extra week made no sense, so we left on the 24th.

Originally our plans included stops in Houston to visit the kids and grands, but Houston is pretty much a hot-spot so we have to pass on this year. We also were going to make a stop north of Fort Worth to visit Deanna, Mary’s niece, and her husband Peter. That plan is also out the window.

So here we are in southwestern Texas in a quiet park for the next month. We may take a few side trips but there isn’t really anywhere to go. We are very fortunate that we don’t need to go to work each day for income. We venture out occasionally to go to Walmart or Costco, carrying our sanitizer and trying to maintain “social distance”, then back to the rv. We have TV, Internet, plenty to eat, and our health is excellent; our park is located in a county that has yet to have their 1st diagnosed case of COVID-19. So, all in all we are very fortunate. Mary says the phrase “man without a country” or “all dressed up and nowhere to go” both come to mind.

I mentioned Peter, Deanna’s husband, near Dallas. His business is Red Kitchen Foods, located in Keller, and he makes the best sauces, spice mixes and rubs for meat that you will find anywhere. Chef Peter teaches gourmet cooking classes in his studio, while supplying hotel and restaurant chains with his unique products. Everything is made completely without preservatives or MSG, and are as natural as possible.

Take a look at what he has to offer. If you like to barbecue, Red Kitchen Gourmet should be automatic. And he can ship what you need right to your door.

That is all for now. We are just going to stay hunkered down until things change. We would love to here from you with any comments you might have. Stay safe.

6 thoughts on “COVID”

  1. Glad you are safe and healthy. Plans do change. We are enjoying working in the yard, trips to the parks to walk the dog. We both feel very blessed that our income is stable.

    1. Good to hear from you Steve. We are flexible – that’s the way it needs to be on the road. The only thing we have to fear right now is boredom, and we pretty much have that figured out. You 2 stay safe & healthy!

      1. Tom, thanks for sharing this update! I hope you and Mary stay safe and healthy throughout your journey.

        Love Kismet and Family!

        1. We are doing just fine. A bit bored since this is normally our sight-seeing season, but then what’s normal any more? You guys stay safe!


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