Enough already

Well it seems our decision to “hunker down” in Fort Stockton was mostly the right decision for us. Hardly anyone in the park but us and no real reason to interact with other people other than those in the office and the few people we see at carryout restaurants. Since Pecos county has very few instances of COVID-19, we have felt pretty safe.

The unfortunate news reflects what lots of people are experiencing – boredom. We can only watch just so much tv with inane sitcoms, movies we have seen many times, and the endless parade of celebrities telling us “we are all in this together”. We are able to break it up a bit by going for walks (to get our exercise & vitamin D), plus we can sit outside and read, that is if the wind isn’t blowing too hard!

Last week we decided to go for a ride to Marathon, Sanderson, and back, a trip of about 175 miles. After being cooped up for 3 weeks, it was almost like a mini-vacation. On the road from Fort Stockton to Marathon we saw fences and gates belonging to the La Escalera ranch, on both sides of the highway, for about 35 or 40 miles. We learned the La Escalera was one of the biggest ranches in Texas at about 320,000 acres however they are now owned by a company in Seymour, Texas.

We went where buffalo roam

antelope were playing

and to top it all off, the skies were not cloudy all day. We were way out on the range and it really felt like home. Almost made us want to sing but we couldn’t decide on the song!

Fortunately, we only have another week of this isolation, then it’s the dash to Minnesota. We are ready!